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february 2016 health goals update


february was a massive failure.  it started out okay with the momentum i had coming off of my january success.  but i got lazy and then sick with a sinus infection… and then it was all downhill from there.

february 2016 goals | tattooedteacherintexas.com

for march, i’m going to tweak some things and be a little more realistic.  i need to add in some more rigorous workouts.  i’ve been a little easy on myself with my workouts.  at the same time, i need to be realistic in the pounds and inches that i expect to lose.  from here on out, it’s probably going to be closer to 2-4 pounds instead of the lofty 4-5.  i also need to buckle down on my eating on the weekends.  i do well during the week and then blow it on the weekends.

march 2016 goals | tattooedteacherintexas.com

i’m not in a bad position, but i definitely need to change a couple things.  i’ve got goals and i just have to get refocused.  that’s how it is with me, i’ve learned.  up and down and back again.

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