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3•25 | high five for friday!

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my second and last evaluation is finished!  i just have a couple more things to do before the whole thing is done (student growth portfolio, summative conference, etc.).   i’m glad it’s over and there are only 43 more days left of school.  it’s crazy how this semester has flown by.



i’ve been househunting.  i think i thought it would be a fun experience.  and at the beginning, it was.  i looked at a bunch of houses.  i got off track though and away from what i really wanted.  in the process, i lost out on three townhomes.  you could say the market is HOT.  you have to be so quick to get the one you want and i was a day late on each of them.  so now, it’s just becoming stressful and time consuming.  luckily, i have a bomb real estate agent and she’s making it easier.  but i can’t wait to sign on that dotted line and be done with it.


spring break was great…and not just because i got an extra week with my SXSWedu conference.  😉  i relaxed, worked on my grad class, hung out with family and friends, and just basically recharged.


my little helper while writing grad class papers.

st. patty’s with the bff.

amanda’s baby sprinkle


i got my march birchbox recently.  i was a little underwelmed…



and finally hApPy EaSteR!


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