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a quick update!

sorry for the radio silence!  it’s not intentional.  my time has been consumed by house hunting, contract negotiating, and research.  i wanted to find a move-in ready townhome to buy, but that was not in the cards with my sellers market.  all the homes were flying off the market before i could even get in to see them.   i was extremely frustrated a couple of weeks ago.

then one day, i was driving around some of my favorite neighborhoods, and i came across a realtor sign that said “coming soon”.  i jumped on it and had my realtor contact that company.  luckily, the seller was willing and ready to work with me because it needed some updates.  it was what you would call a “fixer upper” (aka my favorite HGTV show).  the roof, floors, and ceilings needed to redone and the kitchen needed to be gutted.  the outside needs to be painted too.  but it’s the perfect size for me, it has a tiny yard, and there won’t be much upkeep.

the thing is… i have absolutely no experience with home renovation.  i’ve been renting for years and haven’t had the opportunity to paint my walls much less redo a whole kitchen.  fortunately, my realtor is a good friend and experienced flipper.  she put me in contact with all of her “guys” and asked the seller to fund some of the work.  he wanted more profit and for the home to go to someone who would take care of it.  he’s going to redo the bottom floor for me.  i’ll deal with the upper floor later.  so the house never really went on the market, and i got a better deal that what was on the market anyway.

it’s been stressful though.  there’s so much to think about.  i’ve spent almost every weeknight and weekend going to home improvement places for quotes and advice.  and now, it’s just a waiting game.  we’re negotiating the final contract currently.

in the meantime, i’m also trying to finish up my graduate class for this semester and teaching school.   there are only a couple weeks left, but they are crucial.  we have to write a giant course paper that analyzes a particular curriculum for my grad class.  it’s just as boring as it sounds.  🙂  the kids at school are already counting down and frankly, i am too.  only 33 days left!

so… i will get back to posting, but it may be sporatic.  i will try to commit to at least doing my high five for friday posts.  those are usually fun and quick anyway.  and then there will probably be a few posts on the whole house buying process.  if you have some ideas of stuff for me to write about during my drought and busyness, let me know!  and i’ll see ya when i see ya!

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