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scratch that.

the last thing y’all heard, i had found a house.  i was so excited about it.  but then came the inspection and i knew by the end of the hour long conversation with the inspector that it wasn’t “the one”.  i thought it was.  i felt it in my gut.  but in the end, it just wasn’t.

i’ll be honest…i had a moment in my frustration when i broke down for a few minutes.  i felt overwhelmed.  but it was just that – a few minutes.  after texting my realtor and getting her immediate call back, i felt better and we got back to work.  in fact, we went and saw two more townhouses that afternoon.  weirdly, i found one that i really liked and we put an offer in on it.

this whole process has been consuming everything, and i just want the whole thing to be over at this point.  it’s all on my shoulders.  i don’t have anyone to share the responsibility.  in one way, that’s good because i get the say, not anyone else.  but on the other hand, it’s incredibly stressful because it’s all on me to make the right decision.  my parents, sister, and friends have been supportive through it all but i know they have to be tired of hearing about it.  and frankly, i’m tired of talking about it.  so when i have some good news, i’ll let you know.  🙂

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