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4•29 | high five for friday!

H54F from tattooedteacherintexas.com

oh man…it’s been awhile.  it’s been crazy around here, which explains the lack of posts lately.  but i feel like i have to get back into it or i never will.  so here it goes!  if i’m a little rusty, forgive me.  🙂


so after a wild ride, i have found my first home.  the real one this time.  i love it!  it needs a little updating, but that will come with time.  it’s a cute little row home (duplex) with no backyard.  i didn’t want the maintenance.  it has two bedrooms and bathrooms, which is just enough space for me at this point in my life.    i already have the inspection under my belt and am now just waiting.  and packing.  lots of packing.


only 20 school days are left in the year.  it really has been a good year, but i’m ready to be done.  there are so many changes happening, new ones every day.  it’s been stressful because i take ownership in my school and there’s a lot of things up in the air right now.  i’m trying not to speculate.  that seems to be the worst thing to do right now.  i hope it all works out for the best!


i’m in the process of finishing my final paper for my first grad school class.  honestly, i’m torn now.  i thought this is what i wanted, but…i’m not sure.  i know that if i finished the program, i would be proud and happy.  but the work to get there…i’m beginning to question if it’s worth it.  to be continued…


for the past month, i’ve been boring as hell and kind of withdrawn.  i think i’ve just been consumed by the house hunting and grad class and my migraines have been acting up because of the recent weather changes.  but i’m coming out of it and i’m so excited for may.  there are so many fun things happening: concerts, weddings, parties, my house closing, graduation.  i’m looking forward to it!  🙂


this quote…



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2 thoughts on “4•29 | high five for friday!

  1. Whoa major reasons to celebrate, girl! Congratulations on EVERYTHING! And that quote….I need to print it and blow it up and stick it on every wall of my house. Happy weekend to you!

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