random crap

weird and random confession time!

i love the Beegees. when one of their songs comes on the radio in the car, i can’t sit still. i must disco dance from the waist up.

i love my job about 85% of the time. i think this is a pretty healthy amount.

i hate exercising most of the time. i like the feeling after but not during.

i think i’d be a good manager of a music group or artist. maybe someday!

i thought narwhals were fictitious animals until literally two years ago.

i’ve gained and lost the same 20-30 pounds since i was 16 years old. i have a feeling it’s going to be a lifelong struggle.

i text at stoplights and will occasionally scroll on my phone while i’m driving. i know it’s wrong and i still do it. it’s like a compulsion.

people who know me know i bruise very easily.  they’re used to it. but at my last gynocologist appointment, she asked me if i was in an abusive relationship. i started laughing, which she wasn’t expecting, and told her i was just clumsy and i’m doing it to myself. she look half convinced.

i only like green bananas. 

about 5% of the time, i’m a terrible drunk. It doesn’t happen often (especially anymore as I’m getting older and rarely drink at all) but when it happens, it’s BAD.

i like bad Bravo reality shows like Southern Charm, Vanderpump Rules, and Below Deck. i’m not ashamed of it because it’s a mental escape but i don’t go around telling people about it.

i don’t have the willpower to be vegetarian. i really want to do it but my mind and body won’t have it.

my work friends are some of my best friends.  leaving my current school will be very hard when that day comes.

when i’m quiet in a conversation, it’s usually because i don’t know what to say or I don’t agree. so sometimes I don’t speak my opinion to not rock the boat.

i’m a total Jane Austenite. i have pretty much every book (also in annotated versions), all the marvel comic book versions, and almost all of the modern film adaptations. i realize it’s nerdy, and i feel bad about judging other nerdy people. also, i’m pretty sure Jane ruined me in the relationship department by setting the bar way too high. (i’m kidding…but for real.)

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