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5•6 | high five for friday!

H54F from tattooedteacherintexas.com


happy mother’s day (and birthday!) to my mama!  i don’t know what i’d do without her.  she’s always there to listen and give advice.  i get my creativity, drive to help people, and tenderheartedness from her.  i love you, mama!



i close on my house in two weeks!  i’m getting so excited.  if you have some advice for this firsttime homebuyer, leave me a comment below!


this was teacher appreciation week, but i (along with the other teachers at my school) didn’t feel very appreciated.  this time of the year is hard because the kids check out and the teachers kind of do too.  but then i got a visit from a past student and a couple of student gifts (see below), and it reminded me of why i’m a teacher.  yeah, there’s so bad seeds in there, but my kids and co-workers are awesome.  we’re doing good work, and we’re doing the best we can.   🙂  for the record, we don’t need awesome gifts or anything.  just a few kind words saying that you recognize that we work really hard and do a good job is all that’s needed.

i don’t get very many of these types of things, but the ones i do get are always so good. quality over quantity!



this quote…



tonight, i’m going to see the josh abbott band.  i haven’t seen them in a very, very long time.  i’m excited to get out of the house, but i love the music too.  the new album is my favorite.  it’s different but in a good way.  i love the story that it tells.  not many bands do that anymore.



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