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5•13 | high five for friday!

H54F from


the josh abbott band concert was so much fun!  i needed a night out to de-stress and have fun.

they finished with “highway to hell” and lo and behold the accordion player killed it with angus’s part! we were all in awe.
…and then the accordion player and ac/dc found my instagram post. 🙂
fun with the bff and her fiancé


i got some really good news on the professional front. i get to keep my 2nd position as the 21st century learning coach and actually expand it to other campuses. originally, i was told it was going away as we got a new superintendent, but he ended up being all for it and totally supportive. i’m excited to get started…again!


a great birchbox!!! hopefully the mediocre drought is over!


we’ve been working on this project at school.  basically we’re creating a history museum.  (pics to come!) i was nervous but it has turned out so great.  who knows what the end product will be but i’m glad the kids are getting into it.  it’s been fun to work with the other social studies teachers so closely too.  #bestdepartmentever #only10daysleft


i got an A in my grad class! yea! that’s a good start.  i’m glad for the break and will start back up again in the fall.  i NEED the summer off.


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