teachin' school

teaching tip 62. keep treading water.

this time of the year is just hard.  it’s a challenge to keep a positive attitude and it feels like you’re drowning.  but just keep treading water.  you most definitely are not drowning because you are so close to the shore.  you’ll be there before you know it.  just hang on…

when it gets overwelming, remember that it’s almost over.  then, you’ll get some downtime to recharge before the next year.  some people don’t understand why teachers need the summer.  they look down on us, call us spoiled.  but they don’t know how hard we work during the school year, how our brains are fried from all the data desegregation and intervention support and lesson planning.  you  can try to explain it, but they probably still won’t get it.

one of the things that helps me is to keep busy.  i do a spring cleaning of my classroom.  i am not a hoarder in any other area but my teaching stuff.  the other day, i was cleaning out a closet at my apartment in preparation for a move, and i found four totes full of teaching stuff from years ago.  we’re talking worksheets, laminate sheets, and old books.  i haven’t touched them in probably seven years, but i kept them anyway.  i have no idea why.  i had to have known that i would never use them again.  who knows…  anyway, it’s a good time to reevaluate what you should keep and get rid of.

another thing that keeps me focused is to think and start to plan for the next year.  this doesn’t mean that i start writing lesson plans, although you are welcome to do that if you’re feeling like an overachiever.  🙂  i just reflect on what worked during the year and what didn’t.  i begin to jot things down and organize my thoughts.  i already have some new plans for next year.  for example, i spent too much time in certain units so that when i got to the end of the year, i only had a couple weeks for the last and one of the most important ones.  so next year, i will plan better and squish some things in the fall to make more time for it.

so ignore those people and try to enjoy your last few days with the kids.  yeah, they’re probably going to be crazy but these last few days are important to them.  they’ll probably be the days that they remember the most.  enjoy your co-workers too.  relax and reminisce.  and try not to let the little things get you down.  think big picture – summer is coming!

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