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5•27 | high five for friday!

H54F from tattooedteacherintexas.com


today is the last day of school!!

last day of school


i have been moving slowly into my new house.  yeah, that happened!  it’s so exciting, and it’s been a big thing for me.  i’m grateful for all the support, encouragement, and congrats from all of my friends and family.  i’m learning something new every day!



my social studies department finished the year with a gigantic project for our kids.  i was originally going to do it and looped everyone else into it.  i’m so glad i did because it turned out fantastic!  the kids created a huge history museum.  we invited lots of people and the other campuses in our district.  it was worth the time and effort for sure!


i had a great 32nd birthday last week.  it’s weird once you pass a certain age, but you’re still excited about your birthday.  and this one did not disappoint.  in fact, it was one of the best bdays i’ve had in a long, long time.  🙂

side note: this is not me obviously, but i so want to do this some day. looks so fun! {click to view article}


packing is never fun.  but finding all the weird and random stuff you forgot about is!  the coolest thing yesterday was a ring that used to belong to my nonnie.  it’s probably not worth anything, but i love how simple and pretty it is.


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