random crap

weird things i found while packing…

i definitely had some doubts during the house hunting process, but i know now that i made the right decisions in the end. i truly realized this when i got new neighbors at my apartment. i’ve lucked out with the coolest neighbors (old people are the best!) but then this couple moved in across from me. every afternoon when i get home around four or five, they’re fighting. like freaking clockwork. with the glass sliding door open. every day.  not to mention the young guys who get drunk every weekend and throw cigarette butts that fall onto my front porch or the girl that parks in my spot from time to time.  i’m like sheldon cooper with my parking spot.  don’t, just don’t.

so anyway…i’m glad to move. not so glad to pack. i’m type A so i like it done the right way – my way. and that’s very time consuming. but it’s been fun rediscovering all of the weird crap i own or have just lost over time.

this creepy ass doll.

these awesome historical pieces.

this random wristband from the now defunct graham central station that was stuck behind my desk.  oh the memories. so much trouble and so much fun.

this british soldier and bride made my my nonnie. these hung in my childhood bedroom.

this cat in a box. they can’t resist a good box.

this high school scrapbook.  so many gems in here.  this is the back of my senior shirt. why were we not embarrassed by having creed lyrics on our shirts???

one of my favorite classes in high school, humanities. so much fun!

these shoes.  i LOVE these shoes. i’ve only worn them a couple times and i kind of forgot about them. they deserve a night out.

this poor stuffed animal, fefe! i lugged this poor dog around for years and then my sisters did too. he’s been through a lot.

this ring that belonged to my nonnie.

these old journals. i threw them in the trash because i don’t need to be reminded of how stupid and whiney i was at some points in my young life.

this pic of my fifth grade class – we were clearly the misfits and rejects. i remember that it kind of worked though.

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