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house update • i’m not very handy.

so i’ve had the house in my possession for a couple weeks now.  it’s been an adventure.  a fun and stressful adventure.  so far, i haven’t do a lot, but i’ll share what i’ve been working on… you know, besides cleaning baseboards and attempting to trim my rosebush.

the biggest project i’ve tackled so far was my fireplace.  the before is on the left.  it felt to 80s to me.  so i took some chalk paint and made a wash (1/4 paint, 3/4 water).  then i painted it onto the stone and grout.  it soaks in quickly.  it’s pretty hard to mess up.  finally, something i can actually do!  i took a couple of hours, but it dried almost instantly.  i love how it turned out.  it kind of toned down the brighter colors in the stone.

the next project (that i had no part in besides handing over the cash) was the kitchen backsplash.  i hated it from the first moment i saw it.  it was too cool toned for the warm colored granite countertops.  so i saw pics on pinterest of people using corrugated metal as their backsplash over top the old one.  i thought it had that modern farmhouse feel to it and went for it.  the handy man, abel, was game.  i was nervous and checked on it periodically.  it literally took him all day – 8am to 5pm.  there was a lot of measuring and cutting with metal cutters.  it was worth it though.  it looks awesome!!  it completely changed the whole look to the kitchen.


master bath – BEFORE {obviously, it’s the before. who do you think i am??}
hallway bath {BEFORE} – i’ll post some more pics when it’s been painted and decorated.
the new, modern texture for my bathrooms. my hispanic handyman called it “churro”. 🙂 i think it’ll look great once it’s painted.
i cleaned up the little garden in the back. it’s in the alley actually. even better for me because i tend to unintentionally murder any plants within a few feet of me.
i hacked to death…i mean, trimmed my little bush. {insert terrible joke here}
don’t get on me about my yard. i just ordered an earth friendly, electric lawn mower. when it gets here, i’ll mow. i’ll look ridiculous because it looks like a child’s toy, but it’ll do the job.

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