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6•3 | high five for friday!

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happy summer!  this was the first full week of summer.  usually i take a week to relax, go to the pool, sleep in, etc.  i haven’t done any of that yet!  but i’m still grateful for summer!



graduation was surprisingly emotional this year.  i didn’t know all of the kids well because i didn’t teach seniors this year, but the ones that i did know were special. 



i’m currently in dallas visiting my sister very briefly – just for the day, in fact.  we have some shopping errands, and then i’m going to kidnap her and bring her back to work on my house with me.  just kidding!  she’ll come willingly.  the organization and craft skills are strong with this one.



i’ve been working on my house this week, with the help of some handy dudes.  i can’t take credit for this project.  it’s my new kitchen backsplash.  i saw the idea on pinterest and loved it at first sight!  i think joanna gaines would approve.  i can’t wait to see everything finished!



i ordered my new erin condren life planner this week!!  i’m so beyond excited.  most people don’t get it.  but it’s a great outlet for me.  and the community of planner girls is amazing.  i decided on the 18-month neutral hourly with the black coil.  weird, i know.  who thought i’d shy away from color or move to the hourly?  not me…  i’ll post a review when i receive it.  hopefully it shows up in better shape than my first one last year.  if you’ve never ordered before, check out THIS POST on some advice on ordering with EC.

sneak peak! 👀


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2 thoughts on “6•3 | high five for friday!

  1. That backsplash is wonderful. Somehow rustic, but edgy at the same time. I think you could switch up the whole vibe of the kitchen with just a few simple decorations.

    I’ve honestly never seen anything like it. Was it difficult to do?

    1. I saw it on Pinterest and showed it to my handyman. He’s amazing and just figured it out. It took him from 8 am to 6 pm to do it though. It was tedious and he got frustrated from time to time. Each inch had to be cut by hand with metal clippers so that it fit the space. It was totally worth it though.

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