personal life

10 things…i fear more than anything.

in no particular order.

1. small spaces make me panic  (i can remember every horrifying second of that roman catacombs tour when i was 16.)

2.  cockroaches, spiders, crickets…basically anything creepy-crawly.

3.  heights give me major vertigo.

4.  being alone for too long.

5.  getting lost in the woods or anywhere in nature.

6.  clowns creep me out.

7.  people laughing AT me.

8.  drowning, which i weird because i’ve been swimming my whole life.

9.  being sexually assaulted (i’m not trying to make light of this by putting it on this list.  every girl is afraid of this happening to her.)

10.  the future and its unknown possibilities.

fear is a liar

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