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historical tv shows worth watching. 

since cutting cable, i’ve discovered a desire to find new and interesting shows.  as a history teacher, i’m always interested in trying new shows set in different times.  here are some of my favorites:

11.23.63 – i knew i was going to LOVE this limited series after the first episode.  a teacher getting to time travel and change history??   it sucked me right in.  it’s still stephen king, but it’s not really scary.  there are some tense moments but nothing too bad.  it’s so interesting and the ending is perfect.

outlander – i almost didn’t finish the first season.  not because it wasn’t good.  it was so very good.  but it was too real and too brutal for me.  i cringed constantly and my body hurt from the stress after the last three episodes.  that aside, the story is great and the actors, scenery, costumes, and just everything are amazing. the second season is set in france and then back to scotland.  i just love this series.

the man in the high castle – if you’re a history buff, you’ll love this alternative history show on amazon prime.  the second season is being filmed right now.  i can’t wait because the first one left off on a cliffhanger!

downton abbey – this series just ended a few months ago, and i bawled my eyes out.  i loved the story and the characters.  every season was good in it’s own way.  you can also watch all of the seasons on amazon prime now.

the crimson field – i missed this pbs show the first time around but i caught it on amazon prime.  there is only one season of it but watch it.  it’s set in world war i and follows several nurses as they navigate the changing times and the war.

mercy street – this pbs show is amazing!  it’s gritty and real.  it shows both sides of the civil war through stories in a northern run hospital in virginia.  the characters are fantastic.  can’t wait for the second season.

the tudors – this showtime show ran for several seasons and covers all of henry viii’s adult life.  yes, you have to excuse the fact that he doesn’t really age besides a few grey hairs and the story veers off the real history.  but if you can just watch it for entertainment, it does just that – entertain you.

rome – this hbo show was violent and crazy at times, but just like all hbo shows – great.  it didn’t last very long, just a couple seasons, but it’s worth watching.

drunk history – oh, man… bet you didn’t think you’d see drunk history and downton abbey on the same list, did ya?  but i freaking love this show.  they take a comedian, actor, or just regular person and ask them to tell a story about their city while they’re plastered drunk.  then real actors play out the story by lip syncing it.  it’s hilarious.  i usually start laughing and can’t stop.  and i’ve actually learned a little something from the show too if you can believe it.

reign – again, let go of the fact that this show is not big on historical accuracy.  just enjoy it for what it is, a fun show very loosely based on real stories.  the modern music and costumes are beautiful.

robin hood – an oldie but a goodie.  this bbc show was on several years ago.  it lost its way toward the end, but the first couple seasons were great.

mad men – i still haven’t finished this show, but i had to put it on this list.  it’s set in a 1960s ad agency.  the characters are good and the story is intriguing.

vikings – one of my all time faves.  beautiful landscape, exciting action, a little violence, love gone wrong, longhaired blond men running around northern europe?  what more could you ask for?  🙂

land fires – i caught this on amazon prime.  it was shown on pbs here in america.  it’s about a group of strong women in a small british town during world war II.

any recommendations???  leave me a comment!

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