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june 2016 monthly favorites.

green monthly faves

i’ve been bad about doing my favorites lately, which is weird because they’re some of my most fun posts to put together!  hopefully this one will help me get back on track!

{favorite makeup} loreal lumi cushion foundation.  i didn’t know if i liked it until i tried it with the beauty blender.  it seems cleaner than the sponge it comes with and is more even.  it’s such a pretty foundation.  it’s light coverage, but i like that in the summer heat.  i’m in shade N2.  if you want a more medium to full coverage, definitely check out the new loreal pro glow foundation.  it’s very pretty.

{favorite quote}


{favorite tv shows} orange is the new black on netflix.  season 4…omg.  it’s the best yet.  the last two episodes gutted me.  and then outlander on the starz extension on amazon prime.  this show lets me indulge in so many things – romance, hot scots in kilts, history, and a little action.  the second season was definitely different from the first, but i still liked it so much.

{favorite movies} room.  wow.  what a powerful movie.  i’ve had the book on my “to read” list for awhile, but i skipped over it when i heard the movie was so good.  it is amazing.  (i watched it on amazon prime.)  dope – now you might be thinking, what in the hell is a 30-something white woman doing watching this movie, but (one) my students recommended it to me and (two) i love movies about different cultures and this one is about as different as you can get. i loved this movie! the music was great and the story kept me entertained and thinking the whole time. the last five minutes gave me chills. (i caught this one on netflix.)

{favorite book}  brave enough by cheryl strayed.  no secret around here that i love cheryl strayed. but this book is a little different.  it’s just a collection of quotes.  it sits on my coffee table, and i look at it several times a week.

{favorite YouTube} rubytrev, microscopic beauty, and favorite daughter emily for planner layouts. they are mesmerizing.  i can’t get enough.  i don’t know how they afford all of the stickers, but i like living vicariously through their videos.  here’s a peek at one…


{favorite moments} moving into my first home.  it’s been a rollercoaster ride since then, but it’s something to be proud of.


my best friend getting married.  so sweet!


getting my new life planner and all the goodies!


my Luca inspired tattoo!!

{favorite posts} my overview of my new planner and my most recent house update post were fun to put together!  my one about Luca was a hard one, but it felt therapeutic to write.

{looking forward to…}  another month off even though i know it will go quickly.  perhaps getting another kitten??  i just don’t know yet.  spending some time with my middle sister, chase.  getting back to my health goals.  i’ve been eating really well, but haven’t exercised in over a month!  eek!


{past monthly faves}

january 2016

december 2015

fall 2016

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