random crap

well, i’m officially bored. 

last summer, i watched “unreal”. it showed the behind the scenes view of a “bachelor” type show. yeah, it was fictional but it was fascinating. this summer, i just binge watched this season of “the bachelorette” on Hulu.

click the image for episodes and cast info.
seriously?? seriously? this is not me. this show goes against so much of what i look for in entertainment and life.  and yet i watched each episode and kind of got into it. so into it that i know…

  • the whole concept seems weird to me but jojo handles it well.  she’s up for any of the stupid and outlandish dates the producers throw at her. i would be like “seriously, this is the dumbest thing i’ve ever seen.  i’m not doing that.”  on the dates, she gives the guys undivided attention but doesn’t promise anything. smart girl.
  • how awkward would it be to perform a private concert for a couple who just make out the entire time. i can see Charlie Kelly thinking, do i keep going? what the hell do I do? why am I here?
  • these guys are so invested from day 1. it’s strange. i wish the show was just the girl or guy going for a relationship instead of marriage. it’s too much pressure and they only hang out for six weeks. even so, they only see the girl for a couple hours a week.  the odds of that working out are slim to none. the bar is too high.
  • evan (the erectile dysfunction specialist) is annoying and whiny as hell. if he cries one more time, i’m going to make his nose bleed again.  ugh…
  • chad is the ultimate douchebag and so entertaining. i mean, his name is chad.  how could he not be a douche.  he’s there just to push buttons and have fun doing it. his commentary for the most part is right on though.  (someone totally hired this guy specifically for this role.). he is right about one thing too – it’s weird that they guys tell jojo they are in love with her from the first moment.
  • nick (santa claus) really committed to that costume during the first meeting. i didn’t know how that was going to work out. could have gone either way.
  • luke and james taylor are such sweethearts. i’m pulling for luke. he’s so cute and smart and a good texas boy. and like jojo said, he has a quiet strength about him.
  • jordan is playin’ the game.  he’s hiding something too.  i don’t trust him.  he is pretty though and looks like a great kisser.
  • chase is HOT. can i get yo numba? can i? can i have it?
  • canadian daniel has crazy eyes. i’m pretty sure he’s a future or current serial killer? oh, wait…he’s not smart enough/can’t stay sober long enough to pull that off. 

so the question is…will i keep watching? ummm…yeah. i think so. i’m in deep!!

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