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7•8 | high five for friday!

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i did nothing productive this week.  that’s what summer is for, right?  but seriously, it’s getting kind of ridiculous.  i’ve had too much time on my hands, and if i watch one more minute of the news, i’m going to cry. i’ve got to get back to my workout schedule and other productive things. luckily, my sister is coming to stay with me for some of next week, which will be a great distraction!


i set up my new erin condren life planner.  i love it!  it’s a work in progress, but here’s the first week:

my first full week in my hourly EC life planner |
my first full week in my hourly EC life planner |
click HERE for my review of this year’s version and click HERE for my update.


i got a new tattoo!  this one was to honor and memorialize my beloved Luca.  it was a cathartic experience.  the tattoo artist ended up being a total cat guy.  he was so sweet and we talked about kitties the whole time.  he made me laugh the whole time.  it was exactly what i needed.



i spent the fourth like i’ve spent the last three years – at my friend holly’s.  the food is always good and the company is fun.


owning a house is hard.  harder than i ever thought it would be.  it’s also expensive.  i almost got screwed this past week with a local plumber, but luckily i got a second opinion and they gave me the correct information.  the second company was amazing and totally helped me out for a fair price.  then, i promptly got on every possible site and wrote a scathing review of the first company.  i’m so so grateful that i got a second opinion.  i dodged a bullet and learned a lesson at the same time!  🙂


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