on my soapbox

no words. 

i feel like i should have some profound words to express how i feel about the events of the past week, but i don’t. i have no words. i’m exhausted. i’m saddened. i’m disappointed. and i’m confused. historians would say that we are living in the most peaceful time in history. but i keep thinking – has this been going on for years and years and now we just know about it all because of social media and access to up to the minute news?  have i been turning a blind eye? have we made much less progress than i thought we have? what can be done to change it? what can i do? 

i’m still gathering info and that’s taking awhile because of all the crap out there. i don’t want to say the wrong or uninformed thing. but i’ve been collecting images and quotes that i’ve been drawn to:

One thought on “no words. 

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