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my planner story 

i was inspired by this youtube video by favorite daughter emily about how she got into planning, and it made me think about how i got into this crazy hobby. see her video below. 


i’ve always had a fascination with office supplies and calendars.  my mom was an elementary school teacher and fed my addiction. i remember she always had a monthly calendar on our fridge to keep us organized. 

i think i got my first actual planner in middle school.  it went with me everywhere.  it wasn’t fancy, just a simple academic calendar.  in high school and college, it was the same thing.  but as i got a cell phone, i started putting events into my phone calendar with alerts set up.

i was watching a beauty vlogger several years ago, and she mentioned and showed the erin condren planner.  at the time, i had no idea who erin condren was but i knew i loved that planner.  so i began researching blog reviews and youtube videos of all different kinds of planners.  i decided on the erin condren planner despite the hefty price tag because i was inspired by the decoration people were using with it on instagram. i was intrigued.  so for my christmas present to myself in december 2014, i bought my first erin condren life planner.  at the time, the only option was the colorful vertical format.

my very first EC life planner (2015)

i jumped head first into planner journalling and got the hang of it pretty quickly.  a few months passed, and i realized that the new planners are released in june.  i wasn’t going to get a new one, but then teachers posted that they bought 18 month planners in june and then ripped out the last six months so that they had a planner that matched the academic year.  i was sold!  on launch day, i bought the 2015-16 life planner.

my second EC life planner (2015-16)

i was excited about the interchangeable covers and the new features, but i stuck with the vertical even though a horizontal version was being released.  (neutral wasn’t an option yet.)  i liked it, but felt constricted by the three boxes each day and was using white out more and more often to merge the boxes.  enter the hourly format!

when this june rolled around, i took the plunge and ordered the neutral hourly life planner.  i had seen some cool spreads in the planners gone wild and the we love EC Facebook groups and was inspired.

my current EC life planner (2016-17)

i’m in deep now.  my sticker collection is out of control, and we won’t even discuss how many pens and sharpies i own.  (side note: the new papermate inkjoy gel pens are bomb.)  i know it’s a lot of money that i’ve invested in this hobby, but it really is my only hobby now.  it’s fun and i enjoy it so i consider it investing in myself.

i’m loving the hourly format and the openness the neutral affords me.  i still look to youtube and instagram for inspiration.  my favorite channels for vertical & hourly spreads are favorite daughter emily, ruby trev, microscope beauty, scribble prints, and kristen michelle.  but i think i’ve found my groove.  here’s my most recent spread!

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