random crap


i eat raw cookie dough.  it’s almost worth the salmonella poisoning.

i hate coconut flakes. they ruin so many perfectly good desserts.  and don’t get me started on raw onions…

i’ll always wear my denim jacket. i don’t care if it’s “not in style”.

i like modern art. all of it. the weirder the better.

crowds make me anxious so i avoid them.  same with elevators.

i’m single most of the time and usually okay with it.  call me picky.  i am.

i’m a liberal leaning independent in a very conservative, republican area of Texas.

i don’t like wearing a bra. (does any woman really?) in the summer, i avoid them as much as i can get away with it.

i have cats, and i love them. i‘m a cat lady. but i’m not crazy yet.

i have curly hair, and i won’t apologize for it. i’ll straighten it from time to time, but i don’t feel like i should have to as my college education advisor told me.

sometimes i’m unwise with my money.  and sometimes i’m too stingy and say “no” to things.  i won’t ever say sorry for taking care of me whether with a quiet weekend or a weekend concert or a brief getaway.

when people talk about “blacklivesmatter, i either keep my mouth shut or lend support because i’m a middle class white woman who knows nothing about being a black man in america and won’t pretend that i understand what that’s like.

i need music in my life.  i don’t care if you don’t like my music either.

i can’t say that i like grad school or see the benefits of it.  i think i’ll probably still continue but i don’t have to like it.

i hoard school and art supplies.  it’s my drug of choice.

i park in the middle of my 2-car garage and sleep diagonally in my queen size bed because i can.

i love carbs.  i will never not love carbs.

i unfollow and unfriend people on Facebook all the time now.  post a million super conservative and flat out wrong political posts?  unfollowed.  post a bunch of selfies about how “awesome” your life is (when we all know it isn’t)?  unfollowed.  post something utterly offensive.  unfriended.  who needs ’em, amiright?

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