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7•22 | high five for friday!

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i had the opportunity to revive #bitcheswhobrunch with my oldest friend jessica this week.  the food was amazing, and it was so great to catch up with her.  maybe i need to plan a trip to florida??



since losing my sweet luca a month ago, i’ve struggled with the grief and how to deal with it.  i’ve found that i need to face it head on and lean into it.  i’ve focused on the positive things and the ten years that he gave me.  i commissioned an illustration of him from an artist in australia.  she did such a great job.  she asked for stories about him and pictures.  she really captured his personality.  the print is on its way to me now.  i can’t wait to frame it and see it each day.


my sister chase spent some time with me in the past week.  she has special needs and has always been a gift to my family because she shows us that joy comes from the simple things in life.  here are some pics from her camp…


to stave off the boredom, i’ve been working on some artistic projects.  most of them have been with my new planner, but i’m also loving trying out some chalkboard art.

this one was the first one i tried. it is for my guest room.
this sign is for my living room.


school is back in session in one month.  i’ve been exploring some new things including google classroom and iPad classroom.  it feels good to get back into it.  i’m not saying i want to go back to school right this second, but it feels nice to ease back into it.  i like to be busy, and i feel like i’m a better person when i’m busy.


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