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music mondays

happy august!!!

one of the exciting things i get to do this month, besides go back to school (kidding!), is see the dixie chicks perform in dallas.  it’s this friday, in fact!  i never got to see them in person when they were still performing in the states.  this is their first tour in america in over ten years.  i’ve been a fan since middle and high school.  their talent and sass has always drawn me in.  i’m in the minority, but i support their right to speak their minds.  from the reviews i’ve read of this current tour, they are their outspoken selves, but they do it in a funny and tasteful way.  i’m excited to hear my old favorites and some of their new covers.  i’m also wondering if they’ll try out some new music.  fingers crossed – please let them release a new album!

so to honor the concert of a lifetime for me, here’s one of my all time faves – “wide open spaces”.  i listened to this song on repeat (and cried, to be honest) when i moved away from home and went to college.  it still makes me emotional when i hear it.  every girl has felt that way, and this song expresses all those feelings we experienced.


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