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july 2016 monthly favorites.

green monthly faves

{favorite makeup} the loreal magic lumi primer is so pretty!  i don’t know why i didn’t try it sooner.  it creates a glow under your makeup, which is nice in the warmer months.  plus it does help my makeup stay on a little longer.  the garnier bb cream is an oldie but a goodie.  i don’t think i’ve used it in a couple of years, but i’m glad i found it again.  i use the one for normal to dry skin and let it replace my moisturizer.  i have found that i need to use a brush to blend it in after applying with my fingers.

{favorite quote} 


{favorite tv shows} i got a little bored in july so i ordered the showtime extension on amazon prime.  it’s less than $10 a month, which is a steal really.  roadies was a surprise.  i really liked the characters and the music they include.  it’s interesting to get a peak into what goes on behind the scenes.  shameless was a show that i have seen before but was way behind on.  i caught all the way up.  this is a great show.  the characters are deeply flawed but all have redeeming qualities.  they make horrible decisions and live with the consequences.  you love and hate them, which makes for an interesting show.

{favorite movies}  deadpool.  i had heard great things about this movie, but didn’t know if it was my thing.  there aren’t many superhero movies that i like.  but this one was funny, witty, and edgy.

{favorite YouTube} thataylaa wore 15 different foundations over fifteen days.  that’s commitment.  it was interesting to me because i’m always on the hunt for the next great foundation.  i like that she tried out all different kinds and from different price points.  here is her summary video…


{favorite moments} the fourth of july!  i spent it with my friend holly and her fam.


spending some time with my sister, chase.  and seeing her off to her special needs camp, which you can tell she had a blast at.


messing around with some chalkboard art and lettering!  i’m definitely not there yet, but practice makes perfect.img_4831


this illustration of my kitty luca.  it’s so adorable!  i can’t wait to hang it on the wall.
img_4823 spending a few days with my grandparents.  it’s become a summer tradition.

when my friend jess is in town, we revive #bitcheswhobrunch.  i’m so glad we got to catch up!

{favorite posts} #sorrynotsorry is a list of things i refuse to apologize for.  right on, girl is me backing up jen anniston’s thoughts on modern women.  my planner story is just that.  no words was my response to the events in july involving all of the shootings.  setting up my new EC life planner gives lots of info and thoughts on my new planner.

{looking forward to…}  getting back to school.  i know i’ll regret that statement later, but i like to be busy and interacting with all my work friends.  seeing the dixie chicks with my sister and catching some other great music around town!  some cooler weather…


{past monthly faves}

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january 2016

december 2015

fall 2015

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