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8•5 | high five for friday!

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i’m in dallas visiting my sister.  it’s my last vacation before school starts.  hopefully, we’ll get a picture as good as this one from spring break!



one of the reasons i’m in dallas is for a concert.  not just any concert!  the dixie chicks!  it’s their first tour in over a decade.  i’m so so so excited!  their music was basically playing in the background for all of my late teens and early twenties.  and hell, my thirties too.

i changed my kitchen chalkboard to celebrate the dixie chicks!


last week, i got to hang out with my grandparents on our annual summer vacation to new mexico.  we just catchup, go for walks, take naps, and eat.  i especially liked the story about the moonshiners in my family this time.  🙂 needless to say, i love the time i get to spend with them.  you never know when it’s going to be the last time so i treasure each moment!



this baby is coming home next week!  it was a big decision to make after losing luca back in june.  after over a month of waiting, she’s big enough to be fixed and come home with me.  i don’t have a name yet.  i’m thinking that i need to spend some time with her before i decide, but i’m thinking cricket, scout (from “to kill a mockingbird” – one of my fave books), corrine, or june (junebug).


i started back to school this week.  just working.  no kids.  the school was quiet and i got my room organized.  (i forgot to take pics.  i’ll post some next week!)  i have a big meeting on monday with my superintendent about my plans for the year with my 21st century learning position.  eek!  i’ve planned just the right amount for it.  i always crash and burn if i over think it.  i hope it goes well!


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