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8•12 | high five for friday!

H54F from


meet scout!  she came home this week finally from the spca!  she’s settling in very well and is a sweetheart!


i’ve been working on things at school for a week now, but this was the first official week of inservice.  it could have been worse, but it’s not my favorite.  i am getting excited for school to start now.  all the planning is well and good, but let’s go!


my trip to dallas was great.  the dixie chicks were epic.  i’ll have such great memories from that concert.  it fulfilled all my teenage dreams!


i got my august birchbox this week.  it was fantastic!  i think they’re trying to butter us up though since they took away the points system (i.e. the only reason someone has a birchbox subscription).  i don’t know if i’ll keep it in the long run, but i’m going to ride it out for a while longer.



i’ve been having fun with my kitchen chalkboard.  this one is in honor of my planner addiction.  🙂


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