on my soapbox

we’re on a break.

a couple weeks ago, i deleted the Facebook app off of my phone.

i did it because it was becoming a bad habit to check it all the time.  i realized that it’s mostly a waste of time.  plus, the stuff that was on my feed was annoying me.  i had pretty much hid all of my “friends” besides the real ones and family.  i couldn’t handle the fakeness and the garbage and the hate spewing from people that i was supposedly friends with.  i even unfriended some.  i also noticed the amount of time i would spend reading dumb articles or worse, the comments of dumb articles.  why?  WHY?  no real reason came to mind.

i realize that i don’t need it.  so i deleted it.  (btw, i decided to keep my Facebook because i have a lot of pics on there but haven’t even checked it on my laptop.)

i didn’t know how i would react.  but i’ve been pleasantly surprised.  i don’t miss it.  i only notice it when someone says they saw something on Facebook.  otherwise, i don’t even think about it.  i’ve had that thing from the beginning, when it was still called The Facebook.  it was fun back then, hidden away from the real world.  i didn’t notice people being mean to each other or sharing racist/disrespectful/inappropriate/private things.  it was just a way to keep in touch with your actual friends.  it’s not that anymore.  so goodbye for now.

i’m still keeping my instagram and twitter.  instagram feels like a safe space for some reason.  it’s more simple and fun.  and twitter is just random and strange.  there’s no pressure.

i don’t think i’ll regret this decision.  it’s already brought me some peace.  i guess you could say that Facebook is what you make it by who you follow and all that.  but this is easier.  just cut it out… i don’t know how long we’ll be on a break.  maybe i’ll accept it back one day.  or maybe i’ll just log in one day, save my pictures, and peace out.

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