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2016-17 classroom tour!

i switched classrooms…again.  i don’t even know how many that is in my ten year career.  (ten years!? what??? time has flown by!)  so i basically started from scratch, like i always do.  i like how it turned out.  i’ll like it even more when i have some of the kids’ work on the walls to fill in the white spaces.

click HERE for last year’s classroom tour. 

the front of my door. i love that saying.

room 33 this year!

“please pick up” table and some brainstorming for our end of the year project.

i’m still doing my word wall but i’m switching it up and saving some space.

i separated my one white board into three parts: honors world history, world history, and reminders. the last one is a bulletin board where i post general information. also, you can see some of my variety of seating. there is a standing table, some groupings of two or three desks and a single.

in the corner, i have their past work station. there are folders for each day of the week, my classroom notebooks that i do with them, and their class calendars (with page numbers for their notebook pages).

i number and color the desks. this is for easy grouping…”all the yellows, get together” or “even numbers, over here”, etc.

the front of the room.

our thesis format (adapted from the AP format) and a space for curious questions that they can research on off days.

i need to straighten them out, but these four questions are good for any unit, time period, or event.

they will get their notebooks this week so excuse the mess!

some of their projects from last year. these were some of my favorites

their cabinet for their notebooks and supplies

inside their cabinet.

turn in trays and document camera.

it’s still kind of messy back here!

messy but organized at the same time!

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