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8•26 | high five for friday!

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the first week of the new school year was a success!  there were some hiccups here and there, but there always are.  (and most of mine were with adults not kids.)  i’m excited to explore some new things this year and see where it leads me!  {click HERE for my classroom tour!}


scout and liberty are slowly getting used to each other.  really, scout already thinks they’re friends.  liberty’s not so sure.  i hope eventually they become close but for now, i’ll take this as a good sign.


the olympics are over.  womp, womp.  i always love it when they come around every four years.  it’s exciting and patriotic and inspiring.  i especially love the swimming (regular and synchronized) and gymnastics.


i got back to working out this week.  it’s been a struggle, considering i slacked off ALL SUMMER.  i hurt.  but it’s been a good thing for me.  i know it makes me feel better all around.  consistency is hard in the beginning for me, but once i get started, i’m good to go for months.  i’m hoping this is another new start of that process.



this quote…



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