decorative planning

want to begin planning? start here. 


i’ve been trying to slowly and delicately convert people around me to planner journaling.  so far, i have a couple friends and my sister dipping into the pond.  it’s fun to share a weird hobby with real life friends.  but first, lemme spare you some time and give you a little planning advice…


find a planner that fits your life and don’t just choose one because it’s pretty. i love my erin condren hourly because it fits my needs. but before this, i tried several different planners (including the vertical EC) and checked out the day designer and simplified planner. but nothing really fit besides the EC hourly. think about if you want a pre-bound, ring-bound, or disk planner. if you want a flexible mix, look at the happy planner.

start with one planner. combine everything together. if you then realized that you do need more than one planner, go with it.

there’s a group for everything so join a couple Facebook groups: we love EC, planners gone wild (uncensored), MAMBI the happy planner group, kittens who plan (one of my faves!), EC hourly users, panhandle planners, Erin Condren fans, and more!

planners gone wild is not for the faint of heart. the women are awesome and have big hearts, don’t get it twisted. but they’re also politically active, quick to call out bullshit, and will speak their minds fully.

for a slower speed, check out we love EC and Erin Condren fans.

instagram is made for planners. (follow me @tattooedteacherplans!) start a planner account. it’s good for inspiration and coupon codes for shops. ask questions or advice. tap once for tags. this is how i find new etsy shops! search these hashtags: #EClifeplanner #erincondrenlifeplanner #erincondren #eclp #eclphourly #teamneutral #teamhourly #plannerspread #plannergirl #planneraddict #plannerstickers

check out YouTube.  my favorite channels are rubytrev, favorite daughter emilycindy guentert-baldo, jenplans, nikki plus three, and paper & glam.

start small with supplies until you find your style. i now have quite the collection but in the beginning, i had gel pens and washi. i branched out with stickers and different types of pens.  the thing is…it can become an addiction and before you know it, it’s out of control.  so just start slow and gradually collect things you actually need and use.

try out different styles of planning and formats.  i thought i would be #teamvertical forever.  but then the hourly format caught my eye and i never looked back.  who knows…i may change in the future.

if it’s not working, move on to something else.  don’t be afraid to abandon a planner.  for some reason, planners either have a hard time sticking to one planner or they stick with it too long out of comfort or laziness.  bottom line: find what you want and what works for you.

11 thoughts on “want to begin planning? start here. 

  1. Hello I’ve been looking to get into the uncensored group but can’t. Is there anyway you could invite me? My name is Odessa Cooper. Thanks.

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