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august 2016 monthly favorites.

green monthly faves

{favorite makeup and skincare} the wet and wild highligher in boozy brunch is very pretty golden/champagne highlighter.  it’s not as smooth as a high end highlighter, but it still does the job very well.  |  milani everyday eyes palette in earthy elements was what was missing from my eyeshadow collection.  the warm shades are beautiful and will see me through the rest of summer and into fall.  | the pixi glow tonic makes my skin so bright and soft.  i only use it a couple times a week.  otherwise, it’s too much exfoliation for my sensitive skin. | the new maybelline color jolts are awesome!  i have one in stripped down.  it’s a great nude color (kinda my thing) and it stays on for a good long time.

{favorite quote} 


{favorite tv shows} the white queen on starz (i watch it on amazon prime) was great.  it’s several years old, but i’m always up for a good historical drama.  at first, it was hard to grasp the complexities of the story.  i had to do a little wiki research on the war of the roses.  but then, i got totally into the story and binged the entire series. |  i’m excited for i love dick, also on amazon.  they only have the pilot up but i’m already into the story.

{favorite movies}  bad moms made me laugh so much!  i wasn’t sure what to expect.  you never know with comedies these days if the trailer is better than the movie.  |  hitler’s olympics on netflix was super interesting, especially since the olympics were going on this month.  it was strange to see all of the traditions that hitler started that are still used today.

{favorite YouTube} there is a beauty guru on youtube that i like to watch that also puts out videos with her alter ego and patrick starr’s alter ego.  they crack me up!  they’re natural comedians together.


{favorite moments}  this was kind of a boring month for me, but i do have a few highlights…

i brought home my kitty, scout!  she’s proven to be inquisitive, sweet, and rambunctious, all the things i value in cats.  🙂


i had the opportunity to go visit my sister and see the dixie chicks.  so much fun!



the olympics!  it’s one of my favorite things to watch sports.  but just the sports that i like.  the olympics has all of the sports that i like: swimming, gymnastics, tennis, synchronized swimming, and those hotties playing water polo.


back to school!  so far, the year has been good.

{favorite posts from other bloggers}  why we can all stop being afraid of being different by the storyline blog.  a favorite eye makeup look by the small things blog.  pretty neat living’s planner overview from 2015-16.  how to shop for clothes online from unfancy.

{favorite posts} click to see my teaching tip 63. don’t smile until christmas is crap.   check out my 2016-17 classroom tour!  peek inside my planner to see my summer pages.  i broke up with Facebook in we’re on a break.

{looking forward to…}  fall!!  can’t wait for the cooler weather!  football season and homecoming.  it’s a fun time of the year at school.  getting healthy again.  choosing the right foods is coming easy, but working out is the struggle.


{past monthly faves}

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