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9•2 | high five for friday!

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i decided this week that i needed some zen in my life.  school has been crazy so far and i’ve already caught myself getting a little stressed.  i started doing some yoga because it’s been rainy all week.  but i quickly rediscovered how much i love yoga.  it helps me center myself and connect with my body.  i like yoga with adriene on youtube.  she’s from texas, is kinda “earthy”, and explains things really well.



i went to a planner class at michael’s last weekend.  i was so nervous.  i don’t mind doing things by myself if i don’t need anyone else involved like going to the movies or shopping.  but this was a group event and i was meeting a few people from a facebook group for the first time.  it took me awhile to finally stop walking around michael’s and get in the room.  but i did!  the girls i met were very nice and we’re planning a real planner meet-up for sometime this month.


my little kitty scout has been battling some health issues that began when she was living in the shelter.  i’m trying to get her healthy, and i think i’m getting to the end of it all.  she had so spend a night at the vet this week so she could have a procedure the next day.  she’s still not 100%, but i can tell she feels better.

she’s happy to be home!


oh the joys of home ownership…  i woke up on tuesday to a bunch of water dripping out of my ceiling onto my bed.  luckily, i know the owner of a roofing company through my mom, and he came by and fixed the problem.  what a lifesaver!!  who knows how much that would have cost me.


my new grad class started this week.  i’m already kind of regretting taking it, but i just gotta push through.  it’s not fun, but it’ll be worth it in the end.

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3 thoughts on “9•2 | high five for friday!

  1. I took a yoga class a year ago, and not going to lie, it was kind of hard. All those yoga stretches do feel good though. A planner class? I’ve never heard of one of those. What exactly does the class cover?

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