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9•16 | high five for friday!

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besides finding several snakes in the building this week, school has been great lately.  i had a rough start and it’s been nonstop busy, but overall it’s been really good.  i like the group of kids i have this year, i’m feeling inspired, and i’m enjoying helping other teachers with a whole new list of responsibilities.  it’s difficult to juggle everything sometimes, but it doesn’t hurt when you actually like your job and who you spend your day with.



iOS 10 has brought me and my friends endless entertainment this week.  all the new simple and fun things they added to messages…i can’t get enough.  now i can send gifs to reflect how i REALLY feel, add confetti or balloons when i’m super excited, send digital stickers (#stickeraddict), and draw or write messages.  i freaking love it!


if you haven’t watched it yet, check out “one mississippi” on amazon.  i told everyone i know about it this week.  it’s such a great show that made me laugh and cry back and forth the entire time.


i have been sick with a sinus infection for two weeks, but i finally feel like i’m crawling out of it.  i’m on the mend!


as a 32 year old, you’d think i’d have it together by now, but adulting was not my strong suit this week.  while i updated my phone by myself (and helped many, many friends and family do it also), molded some young minds in my classroom, and kicked ass in my grad class, i also accidentally overdrafted my checking account hours before payday which i haven’t done since college.  you win some, you lose some.  🙂

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