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9•30 | high five for friday!

H54F from


the first six weeks is over.  it was a whirlwind.  i took on some more responsibilities this year so it’s been a challenge to juggle everything.  i’m getting more into a routine though and it’s getting easier.  so far, school has been pretty good.  grad school is good too, just really freaking hard. but overall, i like my kids and the new things i’ve taken on.

i’ve been workin’ hard!


i’m switching phone companies so naturally, i took the chance to order a new phone.  my current one is two years old so it’s kind of warranted.  i thought about the plus for a hot second, but ended up ordering the new iPhone 7.  being a bit of a tech junkie, i couldn’t resist.


i’m a little late on this one since i didn’t do h54f last week, but happy birthday to my bestie, kat!  so many good things happened to her this year, and i hope the same goes for this next year!



being a social studies teacher, i’m loving all the political stuff going on right now. (side note: i’m really liking the new abc show “designated survivor” so far!)  yes, it’s exhausting, but it’s also highly entertaining.  the debate made me laugh more than it should have, but i still watched it closely…while texting my sister funny stuff the entire time.


i love seeing live music, but i don’t do it as much as i used to.  the most recent one was two weekends ago (i know… i’m late) to see the dirty river boys.  they’re such a fun band.  i don’t follow them super closely, but i keep track of them and see them when i can.

bonus! (since i missed last week…)

my kitties are getting closer and closer to being friends.  my older cat is still just generally annoyed but they’re almost cuddling now!

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