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september 2016 monthly favorites.

{favorite makeup and skincare}

the kat von d shade and light eye contour palette was a gamble.  i had seen it in sephora but never could quite pull the trigger.  but after reading lots of reviews of lots of neutral palettes, i decided on this one.  it is beautiful.  the shades are a perfect mix.  the shadows are very soft.  they’re also a little powdery, but i don’t mind it because they’re so pigmented.

loreal exfoliate and refine clay mask – there are three new loreal masks available now, but this one stood out to me.  it actually works.  it gently exfoliates, cleans out my pores, and shrinks them.

loreal wrinkle expert moisturizer 35+ – my skin is changing.  it’s getting drier and my fine lines are getting more pronounced.  my regular night moisturizer just wasn’t cutting it, so i picked up this one.  i like it so much!  it makes my skin feel hydrated and plump.

soap & glory sugar crush body buttercream – this stuff smells like a sonic limeade.  so yummy.  plus it works!

{favorite quotes} 

{favorite books} this one is a surprise to me… the book i’m reading in my grad class is actually super interesting and not a complete bore.  it’s called left back.  it’s about the history of education in the 20th century in america.  i know!  sounds super boring!  but it’s not.  it’s been, dare i say, enlightening.

{favorite tv shows} i have quite a few shows because i’ve been a little bored and all the new seasons started.  the kettering incident on amazon prime is pretty creepy, but i finished it.  it’s not something i would normally be into, but it held my attention. notorious on abc is just fluff.  fun, suspenseful fluff.  stranger things on netflix gives me the same vibe as the kettering incident.  i’m still working on finishing this one because it gives me the hebbie jeebies.  one mississippi on amazon prime is a treat.  funny, smart, heartbreaking.  all the things i like in a show, which is why i’m into this is us on abc (hulu for me) too.  it’s filling the void left from parenthood.  designated survivor on abc (hulu) is also a great show.  it’s an interesting situation to think about, especially with the current political climate.

{favorite YouTube} the new selena collection came out this month from mac cosmetics.  this was my favorite video of the whole month.  she ended up looking exactly like selena by the end.  it was a great tribute!

{favorite moments}  this was kind of another boring month for me, but i do have a few highlights…

i lost two pounds this month even though i messed up over and over. this might not seem like a lot but that makes it 15 lbs since june. slow and steady just by eating right most of the time. that’s no where near my goal but it’s something. now to get consistent on my exercise!

school is crazy but really good.

my kitties are getting along!  and scout is finally healthy.

i had some more house hiccups, but they all turned out okay!

i went to my first planner get together.  there was supposed to be another one this month, but it never came together.  i’m thinking i’m going to have to take charge and get something on the calendar.

my grad class is going well.  it’s much more time consuming than the last class, but it’s also much more interesting.

i’m almost to 200 followers on my planner instagram.  i like the community on instagram for planners and seeing what other people are doing with their planners.

{favorite posts} click to see a list of my favorite etsy shops for planner stickers and washi, why it’s important to find your tribe at school, my thoughts on 9/11 fifteen years later, and one of my new favorite songs.

{looking forward to…}  adding in my workouts again. i know i’ll feel better.  there are some concerts coming up that i’m excited about.  real fall weather…you know, sweater weather.

{past monthly faves}

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fall 2015

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