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10•7 | high five for friday!

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it’s not official yet, but i got some great news this week from my sister.  here’s a hint…


i got a request from THE erin condren team this week to use one of my images on their website.  how cool is that?!  i know most people don’t get it, but those of you who do…i’m over the moon!


world teacher day was this week.  being a teacher is hard.  we handle a lot each day.  sometimes we do it gracefully and other times…we just try to make it out alive.  this week had some awesome moments and some pretty low ones.  but that’s just how it goes.  usually the good times outweigh the bad, which is why we outlast.


i got a new iPhone 7 today.  i have been a loyal apple and mac user for many years now so i was excited to get it.  i switched phone companies to get better service so this was my chance.  it’s pretty similar to the 6 but there are some weird changes that i’m still getting used to.  i also switched to gold, which i am loving!


i’ve been trying to get refocused on my health goals.  at this point, i don’t have a weight or measurement goal.  now, it’s just to take care of myself all around.  i’m losing weight.  it’s just not in the right ways.  so this week,  i got some cute planner stickers in the mail from sweden this week that are surprisingly motivating because i want to use them. 🙂

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