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10•14 | high five for friday!

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today is the pink out day at school for breast cancer month.  so in honor of my friend’s mom, cathy – i’m team lozano today.  cathy was a mentor for me in my first few years of teaching.  then, she retired and became a friend.  she bravely fought breast cancer (after losing her sweet husband to colon cancer a few years ago) recently and WON!


we were off for columbus day, and the long weekend was so needed.  i am surprised i haven’t even taken a day off yet this year, but that may tide me over for a few more weeks.


the debate on sunday night was…interesting.  politics (and a whole host of other things) are pretty crazy right now so it’s pretty much a requirement to find the humor in it to deal with it.  so the funniest thing that happened at the debate was ken bone.  i knew as soon as he asked his question, he was going to be a star.


i went to see “the girl on the train” on my day off on monday.  i loved the book.  this movie is one of those rare times when the movie is just as good as the book.  but, when the previews came up, this one caught my eye.  it combines two of my favorite things: ryan gosling and musicals.



i’m working on getting healthy in lots of aspects of my life.  this was a revelation this week…

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