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teaching tip 66. avoid the drama (as much as you can)

schools work with people.  therefore, they are full of drama, especially when times are tough.  i know it’s hard to avoid it.  i love hearing the gossip. it’s in my nature. i’m nosy. i’m that person who was that kid who tried to listen in on adult conversations all the time to feel important. i’m also that person who as a teenager quietly listened while other kids talked around me and ended up having dirt on everyone (that i didn’t use) because they didn’t notice or ignored me. it’s not hard to gather intel. what’s hard is actively NOT.

it’s not healthy to be nosy or get pulled into the drama.  i’ve been in a tornado of it all for two weeks straight, and i’m tired.  it’s exhausting to keep up with everything and be so distracted, i get behind in my work.

so i constituted a lay low rule on myself.  and you know what! it worked.  yeah, it’s against my nature.  but it’s healthy for me and my career in the long run.  and i got satisfying resolution to my own problems within the system because i stuck up for myself from afar.

i also tucked into my work friends, the people i trust.  when it’s a battlefield, you need to know that your peeps have your back and know what’s going on so they can help you out if needed or give advice.

things will most likely work out.  but there may be a breaking point.  if you’re headed toward one, follow my lead – lay low.  wait it out.  no one likes to be the weirdo who sticks to themselves for awhile, but most of the time it’s the best route even though it’s the hardest.

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