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october 2016 monthly favorites.

{favorite makeup and skincare}

rimmel lipstick in no. 45 – this is my perfect everyday nude color.  i like that it’s a no fuss glossy lipstick.  my dry lips can’t take the mattes right now.  plus it’s super cheap!

mary-lou manizer highlighter by the balm – i’ve been wanting this highlighter for a LONG time, and i finally bit the bullet.  no regrets!  it’s a beautiful vanilla shade of highlight.

the new ultra gentle daily foaming cleanser from neutrogena – i needed a more gentle cleanser for the fall and winter.  (my humidifier helps too.)  i like a foaming cleanser but they usually strip my skin.  this one doesn’t do that at all but is still effective.

{favorite quotes} 

{favorite tv shows} good girls revolt is such a fun show, but it’s also touching and inspiring.  i hope they do a second season because it ended on a cliffhanger! |  the fall season 3 came out this month too.  as far as i know, it’s the last one.  this show is so creepy.  i had to go back and watch the first two seasons because i wasn’t sure what was happening…and then i had a scary dream.  it’s very suspenseful and will literally keep you up at night!

{favorite movies}  the girl on the train did not let me down!  i loved the book and the movie was such a good adaptation!  | every october, i watch practical magic.  it’s a total 90s chick flick but i can’t help myself!

{favorite YouTube} i could easily post some of the halloween makeup tutorials i watching and lived vicariously through.  but this video…oh, man.  i always thought it was about a breakup (and it is when played in order on the album), but the video took it to a whole new level.

{favorite moments}  

one grad paper down, one to go!

it’s not official yet (shhhh!), but my extended family is growing!

i started working out on the reg again.  i’m not doing it super consistently, but i’m working on it!

my last roses of the season.

concerts!! bart crow and randy rogers!

sweet kitty!

erin condren’s team reached out to me to use one of my images of my planner.  i haven’t seen them use it yet, but i’m just honored they noticed and asked!

i got my christmas tree in the mail! my first real (fake) tree.

by the end of the month, i had ironed out some things at school.  there’s still a lot of uncertainty, but i feel a little better about it.

{favorite posts} i was a bad blogger this month.  but click to see my fall planner pages!  hey, it’s not as bad as we think… and check out my music mondays!

{looking forward to…}  kicking up my workouts.  i know i’ll feel better and sleep better.  william clark green is heading here soon!  thanksgiving – aka my fave holiday besides july 4th.  real fall weather…you know, sweater weather.

{past monthly faves}

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august 2016

july 2016

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january 2016

december 2015

fall 2015

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