on my soapbox

i’m trying to be positive here…

EDIT: click HERE for a more eloquent and expressive version of how i really feel. it’s a great post from another blog. 

i’m so glad the election is over. it’s hard to be democrat-leaning gal in a predominantly republican area of texas. it requires a lot of self control with conversations, biting of my tongue, and research on my part.  it’s even harder as a teacher to remain impartial and to educate the kids on the issues and not pick a side.  but me (and other handful of us and the reluctant ones too) survived it.

i’m not proud of this election. it was a hot mess to put it lightly.  it’s not the outcome i wanted, but i’ve got to accept it…along with half of the country.

in terms of our nation, i want to be optimistic. some people would call that naive, but i want to try to focus on what could go right, not what could go wrong. we’re in such a negative state of mind in america right now. it’s hard to stay positive in light of everything. i voted for john kerry in 2004 (my first ballot!), barack obama in 2008 and 12, and hill this year. it’s not that they’re democrats or even that they have most of the same beliefs as i do, it’s that they gave me hope and a vision of a better future.  i want to believe that it’s going to be okay, and i’ll try to focus on that in the next few months and years.

what gives me hope is that people got involved this election cycle. maybe we took too long to take it seriously though. i had tons of great discussions with friends, family members, and my fellow social studies teachers (which were the most fun and eye opening because we’re split 2-2). voter turnout was higher than it’s been in a long time.  young people got involved, but the numbers could have been much better. we had some tough conversations too, some of which will be continued.  

we almost had the first woman president.  i got goosebumps as i watched women line up to put their “i voted” sticker on susan b. anthony’s grave.  i hope she would be proud of us.  in texas, we wore white on election day to represent the 100th anniversary of women getting the vote in our state and/or to honor the suffragettes who came before us.  i felt we honored our past and looked to the future. it just wasn’t enough. 

i know change is hard, especially for 310 million people. but we’ll get through it. it’s what we do.

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