healthy living

here i am again.


it’s a lifelong thing – trying to stay healthy.  it doesn’t come easy to me.  it never has.  since middle school, i’ve struggled with my weight and health.  i’ve tried every healthy and unhealthy thing to get myself to where i want to be.  but really, it’s just old fashioned diet and exercise that do it for me.


i want to be healthy.  that’s not the issue.  i will have stretches of time when i am on the right track.  and then before i even realize it, i’ve taken a few steps back.  the summer held some hard things for me to deal with.  i took my kitty luca’s passing especially hard.  i still think about him all the time.  i know i responded to that and the other difficult things by losing weight.  it wasn’t a good way of doing it but it happened.  then, all of a sudden, in november, i realize that i’ve gained it all back.  i’m soft.  i’m out of shape.  i feel like crap.  i have migraines often.  i am uncomfortable.

part of this uncomfortable-ness (yeah, i know it’s not an actual word) comes from the winter blues.  it’s a real thing. at least it is for me.  i thrive in the spring, summer, and early fall.  but once winter rolls around, i get more reserved, want to stay home more, and get less motivated to do things.  at this point in my life, i recognize it.  i used to just get depressed and didn’t know why.  at least now, i can see it happening and try to deal with it.

working out and eating healthy just make me feel better all around no matter what time of the year it is.  i don’t know why i ever put them on the back burner when i know my body and mind need them so much.  i just do it periodically.

so now, it’s time to get back up on that horse.  it doesn’t feel like a clydesdale this time.  that’s good at least.  it’s probably just a shetland pony, but not quite a mini horse.  my long winded point is…that it’s not really going to be that hard.  i know what to do, and i’m prepared to do it.  i just have to DO THE DAMN THING.  during the holidays.  with all the yummy pies.  and the cooler weather that makes me want to curl up under a quilt.  but yeah, it’s going to happen.  🙂

here’s the plan for the next month or two:

  • yoga is good for me in this season (and season of life) – i’m going to shoot for 2 times a week
  • kickboxing at least once a week to get out my pent up aggression
  • walk/run if it’s warm enough
  • start incorporating some strength work – i need to build up some muscle and strength
  • forgive myself if i mess up

7 thoughts on “here i am again.

  1. I’ve been struggling with my health as well, I want my insides to feel good before I really work on my outside. I recently joined a gym and even got my mother to join me so I wish you the best on your health journey!

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