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12•2 | high five for friday!



i put my tree up this past weekend.  it’s so pretty.  but what makes it special is that it’s my first big girl tree!  in previous years, i lived in an apartment and there wasn’t the room (or the funds) for a big tree.  but i splurged this year.  i’m just hoping my kitties don’t knock it over.  so far so good!


this year’s thanksgiving was low-key, and that was so nice.  i just hung with my fam, cooked some delicious food, and ate.  i don’t even feel like i overate.  it was just enough.  sometimes a simple holiday is better than a chaotic, busy, crazy one.

an appropriate quote for thanksgiving on my kitchen chalkboard. 🙂
i love how my thanksgiving spread turned out!!


when i was visiting my parents, i of course went shopping (with their insistence).  i found a couple of paintings and photos to take and then this abacus.  i’d like to put up a couple abacuses anyway, and they have a ton.  we just found this one though.  it was covered in cardboard so i wasn’t sure what was on it.  i didn’t open it until i got home, and then i cried and called my mama.  it was a preserved message to my nonnie, who passed away 15 years.  i’m working on making the chalk permanent so i can save this precious momento.


another special thing that i got to experience during the break was seeing my parents’ pup, charlotte.  she’s fourteen years old and realistically, we know that she won’t be here for much longer.  it was nice to spend some time with her cuddling on the couch, watching her put their younger puppy in check, and playing with toys.  she’s the sweetest and will be greatly missed.


this week i published my 600th post.  that’s crazy.  it really should be more though.  i know i’ve been slacking.  grad school and home ownership have taken up a lot of time lately.  but 600 really is an accomplishment.  i’m grateful for the outlet and the community blogging, planning, and writing out into the world have brought me.

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