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november 2016 monthly favorites.

{favorite makeup and skincare}

organic argan oil – i add it to my moisturizer at night or my more matte foundations to give them a little more moisture during this dry season.  i also use it on my cuticles, ends of my hair when needed, and elbows.

l’oréal hair mask -this fall/winter is killing my hair! it’s so dry and limp. this mask helps some.

neutrogena anti-residue shampoo – this is the other thing that is saving my hair.  since i don’t wash it often, especially in the winter, i use a lot of dry shampoo.  once a week, i shampoo and need to remove all the crap in it.  i wash twice in a row with this shampoo.  it does the trick.

{favorite quotes} 


{favorite tv shows} the crown on netflix tells the story of queen elizabeth II from her childhood to later years.  it is dramatized but so well done. gilmore girls: a year in the life was great!  i wasn’t a super fan of the original show, but i watched it all the way through.  i like that all the characters are flawed and make mistakes.  i hate that this one ended with a cliffhanger though.  there HAS to be another installment.  this is us is my new favorite show to replace parenthood for me.  it makes me cry and laugh every time i watch it.

{favorite YouTube} i’ve been eating up the plan with me’s lately.  i don’t really use kits very often, mainly because i can’t afford them.  but i like watching people use them.  here’s a couple of my recent faves:

{favorite moments}  

i got to see my parents’ dog charlotte put the smackdown on her younger sister.  she’s still got it!  i’m glad i got to spend some time with her over thanksgiving.  she’s such a sweet pup!

i wrote a thank you note to hillary clinton the day after the election.  i hope it got to her or her people so they know that at least one person was grateful for their efforts.

hillary’s concession speech was eloquent and heartfelt.  it gave me some hope that we can still keep fighting for what is right.

i loved the video from this too.  women (and their daughters) lined up to pay homage to susan b. anthony.  it was beautiful.

fall!  it’s here!!!

with the colder weather, my kitties are extra cuddly lately.

one of my favorite chalkboard messages i’ve done.

i love how my thanksgiving spread came out.


my tree!  it turned out so beautiful.  it’s definitely my style.  i’m proud to finally have a big tree in my new home.


i found this chalkboard when i was visiting my parents.  it was wrapped in cardboard and has been for almost twenty years.  i knew i wanted to start a chalkboard/abacus collection using some from my parents’ collection.  i was in for a surprise when i returned home and opened it.  i cried and called my mama.  we both cried for a little bit but in a happy way.  i’m so grateful to still have this special memento.  this chalkboard was originally in my nonnie’s house.  i wrote this to here so many years ago before she passed away from cancer.  somehow it survived.  and i’m so glad.  i sprayed it with a water based hair spray to make it permanent.


i watched this video (also one of my favorite planners) this month.  she inspired me to get my finances in order.  i’m not in terrible shape, but i could be in the future if i don’t reevaluate.  i don’t have the same lifestyle that i did when i lived in my apartment.  i was virtually debt free before i bought my house, but now i have more bills, projects, and obligations.  i need to seriously reset my budget and pay down some debt.  i ordered the dave ramsey “total money makeover” book and i’m excited to get started!

{favorite posts}  i have a little advice for new teachers, you can’t live at school and use your fuck-it bucket.  i love makeup – here are my ride or dies.  i tried to stay positive after the election.  this dixie chicks-beyonce mashup helped.  i am thankful for lots of things.

{looking forward to…}  the holiday break. i need another break already.  my motivation is waning.  december is always hard.  the coziness and love Christmas brings. i’m not a fan of christmas music, but i love curling up under a blanket and watching christmas movies.  first semester complete! the spring semester goes by quick.  before i know it, it’ll be summer.  another semester down in grad school.  i debated on whether to take next semester off, but i think i’ll just keep going.  might as well…

{past monthly faves}

october 2016

september 2016

august 2016

july 2016

june 2016

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