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the planner lingo explained

i never realized how much planner-specific lingo there was until i tried to explain a spread to someone.  then you realize that there are tons of strange phrases that we say.  so here are the most popular ones:

“white space” planning (WS) – planning with white spaces between stickers and at least partially directly on the paper, can easily look underdone.

“no white space” planning (NWS) – planning by covering the entire page with stickers, can easily look overdone.  (sorry, if that came out tacky.  it’s just not my thing.  to each their own.)

washi – decorative tape that transforms everything it touches

you can never have too much washi.

today header – a little sticker strip that says “today” for the vertical planner

glitter headers – some planners are addicted to these little sticker strips of glitter to separate sections on the page (usually for the vertical layout). you either love them or hate them. they’re not for me…

foil overlays – these are transparent stickers with a foil design on them.  most of them have dots or stars on them, but really the possibilities are endless.  they can come in glitter header overlays, full box overlays, and bottom washi overlays.  really anything!

littles or little things – tiny sticker strips or circle stickers that usually have icons on them

functional stickers – stickers that represent real things to do or events (can be a picture or phrase)

teardrop – this is a multifunctional sticker that is about the size of a nickel and in the shape of, you guessed it! a teardrop. these are not as popular as they used to be but you still see them around.

weekly spread – a pic to show how you planned the entire week, usually posted to instagram

midweek spread – a pic of the first half of your week (left side of your planner)

example of a recent midweek spread

weekend banner – the absolutely necessary sticker to mark off saturday and sunday on your weekly spread

erin condren – the head planner goddess that we all adore

etsy – the go-to planner sticker shopping place  {click HERE for my current fave shops including the standalone shops}

bujo- bullet journaling

plan with me – video on YouTube in which a planner shows you how they plan a week or month

planner haul – when a planner shows their recent happy mail.  sometimes it comes in the form of a picture, but mostly hauls are shown on instagram stories or youtube.

happy mail – any piece of mail that brings joy to a planner girl

plan as i go (PAIG) – planning each day chronologically as it comes instead of all at once before the week starts, usually done on the night before.

glossy vs. matte stickers – glossy stickers are have a shiny sheen to them.  matte stickers are premium matte, on the other hand, is beautiful paper that is buttery soft and saturated.

pre-plan – this could be something as simple as placing down sticky notes on the following week or setting up pages weeks ahead

planner peace – the moment when you have everything you want in and with your planner, possibly unattainable.

heart checklist – a checklist banner or full box sticker with hearts to write your daily to-dos next to or on.

ombré checklist – a checklist in gradient colors the size of a full box.

deco – decorative stickers that aren’t necessary but oh so cute

lettering – fancy writing

date covers – decorative stickers to make the dates match the rest of the spread

undo – a magical solution that removes stickers from your planner when you mess up or reschedule something

sidebar – the vertical list to the far left of the left page

bottom bar – on a vertical layout, this area contains the small sections of lines below each column

thankful thought box – the designated place to write down what you’re grateful for but usually gets covered up by a sticker (i use it for the real purpose)

habit tracker – this sticker is a place to make sure you do something like drink enough water, take your vitamins, etc. daily

full box – on a vertical layout, this sticker fills up an entire box

half box – this sticker is half the size of a full box.

quarter box – this sticker is a quarter of the size of a full box.

sticker kit – a kit is a collection of stickers with a coordinating theme.

mini kit – an abbreviated version of a full or ultimate kit. usually 2-4 pages of stickers. (good for white space planning).

sticker surgery – when you cut, layer, or otherwise alter a sticker or stickers to better fit your spread.

pgw – represents “planners gone wild”, the insanely popular planner facebook group

wlec- represents “we love EC”, another popular (but much tamer) facebook group

13 thoughts on “the planner lingo explained

  1. I have ALWAYS wondered what people do with washi tape!

    I wish I were this organized. I do make lists, but generally, lose them or forget to bring them to the store with me. I need an organization intervention!

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