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12•9 | high five for friday!



i had fun updating my kitchen chalkboard this week.  i LOVE how it turned out.  gonna keep this one for awhile.  i used three images as inspiration and then added my little flower tattoo.  i’m powering through the next week and a half of school fueled by coffee.  🙂



i sent off a dna sample to to test.  in “6 to 8 weeks”, i’ll receive a pie chart of the places that my ancestors were from.  so cool!  makes my nerdy heart happy!


i decided after watching one of my favorite planner girls, emily talking about her finances, that i need to make some changes.  i’m not in bad shape, but it could be better.  i still haven’t fully adapted to the different bills and responsibilities of house ownership.  so i started reading “the total money makeover”, which emily recommended.  i’m not very far into it, but it’s interesting.  i feel inspired.


i did some baking this weekend.  it felt good to back.  it had been so long.  i made some gingerbread crinkle cookies, but they turned out ugly.  tasted good though!  and then i tried out some sugar cookies with a salted caramel icing.  yum!


i took my first day off of the school year (crazy i waited so long!) on monday.  it was so nice.  i slept in for just a little bit, got tons of errands done, went on a walk in the gorgeous 60 degree weather, and put the finishing touches on my last paper for this semester’s grad class.  it was so nice that i put in for a day a month for the rest of the year.  i know i’ll need them!

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