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my favorite planner pens


my favorite pens (listed below – left to right)

i like all kinds of pens…except ball point pens -i’m not a savage. but i like all kinds, thick tips and skinny tips and in all colors of the rainbow. (get your mind out of the gutter! 😁) my current everyday fave is my inkjoy gel, but they are kind of finicky. so i have my pilot g-2 on the bench ready to go into the game when needed. anyway, here are my all-time and current favorite pens for my planner!

sharpie extra fine marker – great for glossy stickers. will bleed through the paper if you try to write directly on bit.

staedler pens – the colors are vibrant. it writes well on glossy if you give it a chance to dry. they’re pricey but worth the investment.

papermate ink joy gel pens (0.7) – so black and when the ink flows, it’s magic. the only bad thing is that it starts to skip after awhile.  also not great on glossy stickers because the ink doesn’t dry quickly so i usually smear it.

pilot g-2 (0.7 and 0.5) – a classic pen. very reliable and comes in ton of colors.

papermate flairs – write very smoothly and boldly. decent on glossy stickers if you let it dry. available in lots of colors but you have to hunt for them.

staedler pigment liner pens – many sizes but limited colors. i have a set of five black pens in different sizes, and it’s perfect for what i need. these are great all around pens but don’t let them sit on the page too long or they’ll bleed.

sakura gelly roll pens – these write very smooth and come in tons of fun colors and types.

my pen organization!

16 thoughts on “my favorite planner pens

    1. I’ve tried them and I like them too! They’re actually some of my favorite grading pens. But they’re not my faves for my planner only because of the tip. I’m super picky and they catch on the paper for me when I write a lot at once. But I probably write weird or something!

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