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types of planner girls


most planner girls fall into one of these categories.  sometimes, they overlap two types.  i feel like i overlap many categories depending on the week and my mood. but everyone has their own style.  i appreciate each of them because they’re all artistic and/or useful in their own ways. that’s what makes this community so unique and fun!

so here they are!

the bullet journal-ers – these planner girls are incredibly creative and spend (what seems like) a ton of time making their awesome spreads.  it takes a lot of planning and precision to do bujo.  see @alexandra_plans.


the full kit girls – these girls use sticker kits to create their spreads and usually cover the whole page with stickers (aka no white space).

the white space girlshey, that’s me!!  these girls find what they think is a happy medium between minimalist and full kit.  i like white space because it lets me use a full kit more than once and also incorporate lettering or drawings.

the minimalists – these girls use the planner for its real purpose: planning.  they may use a couple stickers or highlighters – a little washi if they’re getting wild and crazy, but it’s not about that.  it’s about being truly organized and seeing their plans very clearly.

the memory keepers – these planners are similar and sometimes overlap with the full kit girls.  a polaroid zip printer is helpful.  with these girls, it’s normally more about scrapbooking and journalling than planning.  they may or may not own a typewriter specifically for project life cards.

the doesn’t-take-herself-too-seriously planners – see @llamaletters on instagram and YouTube and @planwithllama.  these are some of my favorite planners to follow because they make me laugh and keep it so real.

the glitter errythang girls – glitter headers, glitter full boxes, glitter bomb prints.  glitter errythang.  (usually also full kit girls, but not always.)

the glam girls – i also like to follow these girls.  i’m not a glam girl, but i admire their spreads.  they’re classy and beautiful, but too fussy for me to actually try them.  see @glamplanner.

the happy planners – the happy planner is such a good affordable option for anyone, but young planners are very drawn to these planners.  these girls are creative and sticker happy.  and good thing too because the happy planner stickers are some of my favorites!  these planners are fun because they approach their spreads with no rules.

my planner lingo list may also be helpful!

7 thoughts on “types of planner girls

  1. I just bought a Happy Planner because it was the most affordable/logical option for me. I’m in Canada and by the time I factor in shipping and the exchange rate an EC will cost me $100. The Happy Planner on the other hand I picked up at Michael’s. I’m just starting my planner journey but I think I identify most with the white space/minimalist category. Last year I tried Bullet Journalling and quickly realized it was not for me!

  2. I am definitely a minimalist. However, for the first time in years I bought a Jan-Dec rather than a Jul-Jun planner & the weekly pages are laid out different so I’m going to try to turn those pages into more of a way to keep memories. I’m also going to attempt a bullet journal in 2017. We’ll see how long these creative adventures last.

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