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december 2016 monthly favorites.

{favorite makeup and skincare}

mario badescu drying lotion – this is weird stuff, but it totally works.  i’ve had mine for about a year.  basically, you take a q-tip and dip it into the bottom of the container and pick up some of the pink stuff.  you leave it on overnight and it takes care of blemishes like a dream!  (i tipped over the container one time and most of the liquid came out.  i looked online and found that you could replace it with rubbing alcohol so that’s what i did and it saved me from having to get a new one for awhile!)

laura geller baked gelato swirl illuminator in gilded honey – this is such a pretty highlight.  this was on my radar for a very long time, and luckily i received it as a christmas present.

{favorite words} 

i love this card from natterdoodles!


{favorite books}

the total money makeover by dave ramsey – this book is straightforward, easy to read, and practical.  i’m just in the first stages of the plan, but i know it will work if i follow it.


the whole 30 by melissa and dallas hartwig – my migraines have been kicking up and i want to figure out if what i’m eating is affecting them.  plus, i don’t feel very confident about myself right now.  i want to feel and look better.  half the book is recipes (with pictures!), which i love.  i hate when “diets” are difficult to understand and continue with.  this one doesn’t seem like that.  

{favorite tv shows}

the royals season 3 – i watch this show on amazon prime.  it’s soapy, yeah.  but i don’t care.  it’s a guilty pleasure.  it’s not supposed to be realistic or real.

the man in the high castle season 2 – being a history buff, i love this show!  it’s so well done.  the attention to detail is amazing.  it keeps you guessing…

{favorite YouTube}

 i needed a push to get my finances in order.  this video was it.  favorite daughter emily is one of my favorite planners to watch, but this video was not about planning.  it was about her financial background.  i have some things in common with her experiences, although not to the extent that she did.  but, it did wake me up and gave me some direction.

{favorite moments}  

i got my DNA tested to check my ancestry.  the results were a little surprising (because of how white i am), but it was a fun process.

this was my favorite chalkboard art i did maybe ever.  i just erased it the other day, and now i wish i had just kept it.  so cute!

i ordered this memorial ornament for my christmas tree from  it was an impulse purchase, but i’m so glad i did.  it’s a sweet tribute.

this cat… she’s a mess.  being winter, i love to burn candles.  and this one can’t keep her face out of them.  she singes her whiskers and eyebrow hairs.  no matter where i put the candle, she finds it and burns her hair.

i set my 2017 goals.  they’re practical and totally doable.  and my focus word is HEALTH.

this was my favorite spread of december.  and it’s one of my overall favorites of the year!

i’ve been designing things for family and friends for about a year.  this is one of my recent projects for my aunt.  i love making things for people.

one of my students (also a cat person) wore this sweater on the last few days of school.  🙂

the first pic of my niece/nephew.  it’s getting real, people!

i loved decorating for christmas in my first home.  i went small this year, but i hit hobby lobby hard on the day after christmas and got a ton of stuff on sale for next year.

{favorite posts} 

i did not post much in december and when i did it was about planning.  imagine that!  🙂   • types of planner girls •  my favorite planner pens •  planner lingo explained

{looking forward to…}  the new year and new beginnings.  being debt free (eventually).  getting back to school (with a better attitude).  my 4th blogiversary.  feeling better about myself.  

{past monthly faves}

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