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whole 30 | the beginning


what is it? a 30 day plan to reset your body followed by a reintroduction period to discover intolerances. this is not a diet and is meant to be temporary. 

how long is it if it’s temporary? 30 days initially. then you can pick how much time you want to spend reintroducing different food groups and what order to go in. there’s a fast track and slow roll. i’m going to probably try the slow roll. god, i can’t wait to have cheese again!!

why i’m doing it? my migraines have been getting worse recently. i want to see if some foods might be triggers. plus, i just want to feel better all around. it’s not meant to help you lose weight, but it does because of the things you eat so i hope to lose some weight too. 

how i’m doing it? fail to plan, plan to fail. i plan out my meals so i have a lesser chance of screwing up. i find two breakfasts and two dinner options throughout the week, write a grocery list, and then make the meals on sundays. my school offers free lunch so i just make it work there. although i have come up against some roadblocks there so i might bring a backup lunch to keep in the fridge at school. 

the book is an easy read and half of it’s recipes, which i totally appreciate. 

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