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1•13 | high five for friday!


yes, you’re in the right place…  my blog got a facelift!  each year in january, i redesign it.  this is my favorite one yet!


president obama said his goodbyes this week.  and i was crying.  then he gave vice prez joe the presidential metal of freedom.  and when joe cries, everyone cries.  the president’s words soothed me some, gave me hope, and reminded me what matters.  if i could say anything to them, it would be thank you.


this was week two of whole 30.  this week was MUCH easier than last week.  i’m starting to see some changes, which is also motivation.

i’m finally starting to move out of this stage…


cosmopolitan magazine (yes, that one!) has really stepped up its game lately.  a couple of years ago, they did a whole revamp and it’s definitely paid off.  they still cover some of the stuff that causes women to sheepishly throw them into their grocery basket, but now they’re advocates for women and publish really interesting and informative articles about politics, current events, and women’s issues.  this one spoke to me this week.  sophia bush has to be one of my favorite “celebrities”.  she uses her influence for good, she’s not afraid to step out on a limb, and she’s honest in a world that’s not most of the time.  her article is eloquent and real.


and last but not least!  this weekend is a 3 day weekend!  i know we just had a break, but the spring semester is hard, y’all.  we take all we can get to push through.

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6 thoughts on “1•13 | high five for friday!

  1. That’s a really great idea to revamp every January. I think I may join in that trend. Also I think a lot of us were crying this week because Obama and Joe brought us to tears, so sad.

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